FAB SDGs Initiative

FAB SDGs is the Macro-Management Initiative created by Fablab Digiscope - Université Paris-Saclay and Open Science International to facilitate the alignment of fablab activities with the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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This workshop of the the Conference, organized in this first collaboration with the GENEVA FORUM will gather experts from the global fablab network who already align with the SDGs together with new comers willing to align their fablab programs with the SDGs. For this very first session at the GENEVA FORUM 2019, the FAB SDGs Working Group will focus on detecting existing and robust programs that already align with the SDGs through an anticipated call for contribution to fablabs. This call will also give new comers the opportunity to expose new programs and activities - even the most disruptive ones - aligning with the SDGs.

During the GENEVA FORUM, we will discuss the panel of strategies to support, to distribute, and to bring the most advanced fablab activities, programs and peoples to align with the SDGs at a global scale, to promote the alignment between the Open Science Practices and the SDGs.

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