Fablab Digiscope | LISN | Université Paris-Saclay

Fablab Digiscope | LISN | Université Paris-Saclay has come to a tipping point where embracing the complexity of the 3rd Digital Revolution has become imperious. Anti Disciplinary means that we are more than the sum of our expertise in a technical field. As we are all moved by thoughts and emotions, we aim to design with you another reality, to invent our present while we are building it, socially, technologically, politically.

Along the years, Fablab Digiscope has become one of the main nodes of the Globally Distributed Fablab Network. But there is no race to become a Node over the Nodes, or a fablab over the fablabs. What matters is how much the stakeholders of a community commit to the values and the vision we are working on building, through Research, through Publics Access, through Guidance, through Education. The field fablab has the potential to interact with any area of societies.